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Though yoga has gained in popularity, many people still view this form of exercise as too taboo to try. The different poses and heavy reliance on stretching are primarily what turns many off. However, as far as exercise programs go, this practice is actually both beneficial and light on your body. The yoga services offered at Starsiak Aesthetics seek to strengthen and rebalance your system. Our goal here at our Indianapolis office is to dispel the taboo myth and help you reap the full benefits of this exceptional fitness system.


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What Exactly is Yoga?

The direct translation of “yoga” is union. As a movement, yoga seeks to restore the practitioner’s inner balance and connectedness to the world. As an exercise, this practice consisting mainly of postures, flowing sequences, breathing, and meditation. At Starsiak Aesthetics, our yoga services aim to provide you with a moderate form of exercise to build strength, ease tension, and improve overall health.

How Can a Yoga Session Help?

If you think of your body as a house, you can view yoga as a set of building blocks that help structure and maintain it. Here at our Indianapolis medspa, we are your personal yoga trainers, focusing on the parts of your body that need support or restructuring. After identifying your trouble areas, we can create a set of exercise patterns to help address your needs and get you to a place of greater ease and relaxation.

How Does It Work?

Yoga consists of a series of stretching, posturing, and breathing exercises designed to improve your system both inside and out. A typical session takes about 1-1.5 hours and involves a guided set of exercises designed to address different parts of the body. These methods are made to put a moderate strain on your system in order to aid circulation, promote muscle relaxation, and increase positive hormone secretion.

What Kind of Benefits Can I Expect?

As a personal and constantly evolving practice, yoga’s benefits can range from person to person. Most commonly, this unique exercise method can increase flexibility, improve respiration, balance your metabolism, reduce weight, and even protect your body from injury by strengthening your bones. Regular exercise is necessary to really see the results of the process. We welcome you to get in touch with our Indianapolis medspa today to experience the program for yourself.


Professional Yoga Services in Indianapolis, IN

Are you experiencing unexplained muscle soreness or fatigue? A yoga session may offer major benefits to both your inner and outer well-being. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule your FREE consultation at our Indianapolis office today by calling (317) 410-9978 or filling out the form below.

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