Bunny Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are completely natural, but their appearance is not exactly ideal. These creases can serve as reminders of our age, something that most of us may feel uncomfortable with. The wrinkles on and around your nose can be especially prominent and troublesome. Commonly referred to as bunny lines, these crinkles are cute at first, but quickly lose their charm. If you have nose wrinkles, our team at Starsiak Aesthetics may be able to help. We offer excellent BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments to ease your wrinkles and help you feel beautiful again.


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What Are Bunny Lines?

Bunny lines are those fine lines that appear on either side of your nose when you scrunch it up. Like many types of facial wrinkles, this cosmetic concern is caused by repetitive muscle movements in the face.

For some people, these lines can appear charming. For others, the appearance of these nose wrinkles can cause serious distress. If you feel uncomfortable about the appearance of these wrinkles, we’re here to help.

How Do Bunny Lines Develop?

Most wrinkles make an appearance for similar reasons. After age 30, our bodies develop less collagen and elastin, leading to increased lines in areas that respond to the movements of our faces.

With bunny lines specifically, the muscles around our noses play the most significant role. While they may appear mild at first, these wrinkles deepen and become more prominent over time.


Aesthetic Treatment Options for Wrinkles

At Starsiak Aesthetics, we provide precise BOTOX® Cosmetic injections to alleviate the signs of wrinkles and fine lines. For bunny lines specifically, we will use a sterilized needle to inject BOTOX® Cosmetic into the skin on the sides of your nose. This may take several injections, but the entire procedure will be performed with a topical anesthetic to avoid discomfort and will only take about 15 minutes. Following your session, you will be free to go about the rest of your day.

Reducing Bunny Lines in Indianapolis, IN

If wrinkles and fine lines have got you down, our team at Starsiak Aesthetics is happy to help. With just a few simple injections, you can effectively reduce bunny lines and get the smooth skin you’ve been wanting. Schedule your FREE consultation today by calling (317) 410-9978 or filling out the form below.


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