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Looking our best plays a big role in keeping us happy. Due to this, sudden changes to our appearance can take a dramatic toll on our self-esteem. For men and women alike, the prospect of losing hair often feels terrifying. Worse still, while there are many purported treatments for hair loss, most methods seem to fall short. PRP Hair Restoration, as offered at our Indianapolis medspa, can help you regrow hair. This treatment uses the body’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help promote hair growth. If you’re interested in forestalling hair loss, we encourage you to get in touch with our Indianapolis team at Starsiak Aesthetics today.


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What Is PRP Hair Restoration?

While there are many hair replacement methods on the market, even the best hair transplant still carries a large margin of failure. PRP Hair Restoration uses platelet-rich plasma from your own blood to maintain your hair for long-term strength and vigor.

During this treatment, we isolate the PRP and inject it back into your scalp to increase blood flow to the follicles and enrich them naturally. This process awakens your cells, causing them to produce more hair while preserving what you still have. Don’t wait; regrow hair in Indianapolis today!

What Does PRP Hair Restoration Address?

Although platelet-rich plasma can have beneficial effects on skin on other parts of the body, our PRP Hair Restoration treatment is designed specifically to restore and enhance hair growth on the scalp. This men’s hair growth treatment is a great choice whether you’re losing your hair due to genetics or some other underlying factor. In the case of hair loss due to chronic illness, we will need to discuss the procedure and determine whether it is right for you before treatment.


What Can I Expect During Treatments?

Performing this hair regrowth treatment is simple and straightforward. We begin by drawing a small sample of your blood, less than the amount you would give for a blood test. We then spin the sample in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma. The separated PRP growth factors go into a solution that we inject directly into the vascular layer of your scalp. The whole procedure takes under 15 minutes to perform.

When Can I Expect to Regrow Hair?

The amount of hair growth you can expect from PRP Hair Restoration varies from patient to patient. We generally recommend that our clients get 3-4 monthly treatments at the outset and then come in for a follow-up consultation in 3-6 months. In some cases, a maintenance schedule of 1-2 upkeep treatments per year may be necessary to help you sustain your results.

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