Glabellar Lines

In a perfect world, deep wrinkles would be viewed as beauty marks. Unfortunately, it often feels like today’s world demands youth and perfection. While stopping the flow of time is impossible, there are certain treatments that can improve the appearance of your skin. When it comes to glabellar lines especially, a simple injection is all that’s needed to restore your skin’s smoothness and texture. If you’ve noticed the appearance of deep glabellar frown lines, our BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments can provide you with the relief you seek.


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What Are Glabellar Lines?

The glabella is the patch of skin above your nose and between your eyebrows. This small area is typically disregarded but becomes quite noticeable once wrinkles begin to appear. Glabella lines are often called “elevens” due to their distinctive appearance. If left unaddressed, these wrinkles can get deeper and remain even when you’re not moving your facial muscles.

Thankfully, BOTOX® Cosmetic can act as both a preventative and corrective treatment option for these wrinkles.

How Do These Creases Develop?

Glabellar lines develop due to a combination of causes including genetics, the tightness of your skin, muscle activity, face shape, and various other factors. As your collagen production declines, these lines may remain permanently on your forehead, evolving into wavy furrows. While using certain skincare products and avoiding direct sun exposure can help slow this process down, it is difficult to keep these routines up.


Addressing Glabellar Lines

At Starsiak Aesthetics, our BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are formulated to provide effective relief from these and other fine lines and wrinkles. This popular injectable treatment features a combination of neurotoxin and lidocaine to minimize discomfort and maximize results. When you arrive for your treatment session, you’ll be surprised by how quickly the injections are performed! We can administer our BOTOX® Cosmetic injections in as little as 15 minutes and have you living wrinkle-free for months.

Treating Glabellar Lines and Wrinkles in Indianapolis

At Starsiak Aesthetics, we’re dedicated to both your beauty and your wellness. If you’re interested in getting a luxury anti-aging treatment in a comfortable and relaxing environment, look no further than our Indianapolis medspa. Schedule your FREE consultation by calling (317) 410-9978 or filling out the form below.


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