Male Peptide Therapy

Though not often talked about, male hormone dysregulation can cause a slew of issues. As men get older, their testosterone decreases, and their androgen levels can dramatically affect their hairline. Other common issues include stress, muscle aches, and low sexual drive. If these concerns sound familiar, our Indianapolis team at Starsiak Aesthetics is ready to help. At our Indianapolis medspa, we’re passionate about helping our patients feel great both inside and out. Our male peptide therapy uses peptides designed to restore your natural balance and help you regain your function.


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What Is Male PeptideTherapy?

Peptide therapy for men involves the use of hormonal supplements to restore bodily balance. This treatment system is comprised of peptides that are administered either orally, via a topical serum, or through insertion under the skin. Regardless of the delivery method, male peptide therapy is minimally-invasive at worst and can be performed without causing discomfort.

How Does It Work?

The amount of time it takes for treatment can vary based on the method used. If you decide on pellet insertion, for example, the procedure can be performed in under an hour. This method works via a time-released delivery, meaning that the peptides are absorbed by the body over a certain period of time. Men’s hormones are typically dosed every six months. The pellet delivery system is known for keeping blood levels generally steady and keeping people feeling great until it’s time to dose again.

What Kind of Treatment Results Can I Expect?

If you are experiencing a hormone imbalance, getting you on the right course of peptide therapy can reduce or eliminate the symptoms. After treatment, you may notice a boost of energy, greater sexual drive, improved muscle strength, and easier weight loss. The outcome and side effects associated with this treatment method vary from person to person. However, our Indianapolis team will work with you to determine the best treatment course to give you the outcome you desire.

What Does Male Peptide Therapy Specifically Address?

Male peptide therapy is a good option to consider if you’re losing hair, feel anxious, have a low libido, or are struggling to lose weight. When you arrive for your consultation at our Indianapolis office, we will take some time to understand you and your concerns. By getting an accurate understanding of what you’re going through, we can determine whether peptide therapy is a good option for you. If so, we can provide the following peptide options:

  • AOD-9604 – Aids in weight loss.
  • BPC-157 – Accelerates tendon, ligament, and gut repair (can be used following microneedling for facial skin elasticity).
  • CJC-1295 – Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide, Sleep, Energy (great for supporting strength and mass gains).
  • Ipamorelin – Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide, Sleep, Energy (great for supporting strength and mass gains).
  • Sermorelin – Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide, Sleep, Energy (great for supporting strength and mass gains).
  • Zinc Thymulin – Hair loss treatment.
  • Dihexa – Improve neurological function.
  • Thymosin Beta-4 – Repair soft tissues and Immune system modulation (great for autoimmune conditions).
  • PT-141 – Erectile dysfunction and libido.
  • Selank – Neurological function and anxiety.
  • GHK-Cu – Hair loss treatment.
  • Ibutamoren – Increased production of Insulin-like growth factor 1,  improves energy and performance.
  • Thymosin Alpha-1 – Immune modulation.


Male Peptide Therapy Consultations​ in Indianapolis

Are you experiencing hair loss or a decline in libido? If so, our team at Starsiak Aesthetics is ready to help. If you’re interested in learning more about our male peptide therapy methods, schedule your consultation in Indianapolis today by calling (317) 410-9978 or filling out the form below.

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