Crow’s Feet

Our lips are often the center of attention when we’re engaged with someone else. However, while these areas can certainly develop wrinkles, they aren’t always the first to do so. In an effort to keep our lips looking young, we often neglect both the static and dynamic wrinkles that develop around our eyes. Crow’s feet are a common phenomenon that most people experience eventually. Though often overlooked, these lines can often remind us of our age. If you long to get rid of these wrinkles, we’re here to help. Schedule your appointment at our Indianapolis medspa today to experience the benefits of professional aesthetic care.


Man with facial wrinkles

What Are Crow’s Feet?

Sometimes referred to as periorbital lines, crow’s feet are some of the first wrinkles that we tend to develop. These wrinkles branch from the outer corners of the eyes, becoming more prominent when we smile. However, because they are static wrinkles, they tend to develop regardless of our expressions.

If you long to get rid of crow’s feet, turning to a professional system may be your best option.

How Do Crow’s Feet Develop?

These wrinkles develop due to a gradual loss of collagen in the face. As we age, our bodies produce less and less of this essential protein, causing us to develop facial volume loss, wrinkles and fine lines, and sagging skin.

A common question we get asked is, will keeping my face still prevent crow’s feet? The simple answer is no. However, using an aesthetic treatment like BOTOX® Cosmetic will prevent your muscles from tensing and ease the appearance of these lines, giving you a smooth look.


Treatment Options for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Arguably the best treatment for crow’s feet, BOTOX® Cosmetic is a simple injectable that stops muscles from contracting. While this sounds dangerous, BOTOX® Cosmetic can provide exceptional anti-aging benefits when administered by a trained professional. At Starsiak Aesthetics, we deliver this treatment with the greatest care a precision to prevent complications and maximize your beauty results. Treatments can be done in as little as 15 minutes and the results last for months!

Reducing Crow’s Feet in Indianapolis, IN

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