Everything You Need to Know About Emsella® for Sexual Function and Incontinence

The pelvic floor is likely not on your list of known muscle groups. Often, the muscular region below our pelvis gets ignored simply because most are not properly educated on its importance. The truth is that people only become aware of this region of their bodies when something goes wrong. The good news is that just as the problems set in, Emsella® is there to the rescue.

Two major issues that arise from weak pelvic floor strength are urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction. We’ve all had the sudden urge to go before; now, imagine it occurring all the time! Sexual dysfunction can be equally distressing and can occur in both men and women. Emsella® represents the latest non-invasive option for strengthening the pelvic floor and addressing both of these issues without the need for surgery or downtime.

Want to learn more? Below is what you need to know about Emsella® and what it offers. Explore our list and schedule your appointment at our Indianapolis office today to learn more.

Here’s How Emsella® Works

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Kegel exercises have been the traditional go-to for improving pelvic floor strength. This method is still good, but it can be time-consuming. You would have to dedicate time daily to perform these exercises, and benefits would only be seen after several weeks of rigorous exercise. Emsella® works on the principle of these exercises but delivers results faster and with greater efficiency.

Emsella® uses high-frequency electromagnetic stimulation (HIFEM) to contract your muscles and give them a proper workout. A single 30-minute session with this device is like doing 20,000 kegels! Results are achieved faster and without downtime, giving you the relief you deserve.

Here’s Why Emsella® Works

Emsella® is FDA-approved and backed by scientific research. Studies into the efficiency of this device have shown that 95% of treated patients report significant improvement in their quality of life after treatment. Five clinical studies conducted by BTL have shown that patients experience an average 75% reduction in pad use after their treatment course.

All of this is achievable because Emsella® stimulates the same natural processes as a traditional workout. The HIFEM muscle stimulation causes microtears which are then repaired by your body. This creates stronger muscles and helps support your bladder while also improving circulation and reducing sexual dysfunction.

Here Is Why You Should Try It Today

Emsella® is a simple throne-like device. During your session, you will be asked to sit, and the device will do all the work. The treatment experience has been described as a tingling sensation. This process will only last for 30 minutes, after which you are free to return home.

Typically, you will need about six sessions scheduled twice a week to see the best results. But you may start to see some improvement after only one session! The major advantage of trying Emsella® is that it’s not surgical and will not require bed rest or the kind of lengthy recovery associated with surgical procedures.

Here is How You Can Try Emsella® in Indianapolis

If you struggle with incontinence or sexual dysfunction, relief can be a set of Emsella sessions away! Find help here at Starsiak Aesthetics in Indianapolis by getting in touch with our team today. To schedule your FREE consultation, simply give us a call at (317) 410-9978 or fill out the form below.

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