Clinic Update

Before and after results

We have been busy with getting up and running with our new CoolSculpting device.  We are now open for business for new CoolSculpting patients.  Our first step was to get our entire office treated so we can all speak from personal experience when we share with clients about the process.  This allowed us also to work out any kinks to make sure your experience is exceptional.  We have the room set up with a big TV with Netflix so you can catch up on your favorite shows.  When you arrive for your treatment we provide a robe and slippers to change into.  If you are with us for the whole day doing multiple areas we have been ordering food for people using Doordash.  You even have the option to receive foot and hand massages during your treatment.  It has been going great.  We have already seen quite a few people, more than we expected.  If you are thinking about have CoolSculpting done don’t wait too long.  Results take 3 months to fully appear.  So if you need to go over a trouble area more than once your full results will take 4-6 months to fully appear.  So, don’t wait until the Spring to do it.  Now is the best time!  Ask us about of Christmas Special.

Of course we continue to offer our other services.  The entire suite of “Vampire” procedures (facelift, facial, oshot, winglift, breast lift), Botox, Juvederm, Kybella (great for fine tuning the submental fat while CoolSculpting is better for de-bulking), massage, acne treatment, scar remediation, SkinMedica. We offer free consultations, so give us a call today to schedule yours.  
​-Dr. Starsiak

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