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Lip discoloration isn’t something that immediately crosses our minds when we think about the aging process. However, dull lips are a common sign of getting older and can often serve to disrupt our appearances. The most common way to remedy lip dullness is to apply makeup, but the daily process can often feel like such a hassle. If you’re tired of sitting in front of the mirror for hours, considering a lip blush tattoo may be just what you need. At our Indianapolis office, we provide semi-permanent lip blush solutions to help you restore your color and feel beautiful again.


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What Is Lip Blush?

Lip blush at Starsiak Aesthetics is a semi-permanent lip liner solution designed to correct miner symmetry and lip color issues. If you long to restore the tint of your lips, this may be an ideal option. Minimally-invasive and safe, this treatment can deliver exceptional results that last for years. Don’t struggle with daily makeup applications, get in touch with our Indianapolis medspa today to experience the full benefits of this system.

What Does the Lip Blush Treatment Address?

Lips that have lost their luster may appear grayer and less prominent. Likewise, symmetry issues may arise over time due to facial volume loss. Perhaps you’ve always struggled with lip symmetry or have thin lips that you would like to accentuate? In either case, our lip blush treatment can provide an effective solution to these and other lip-related woes.

How Does It Work?

During your lip blush procedure, we will use a tiny mechanized needle to deposit pigment into your lips. This pigment will build layers of color, gradually improving the hue and vibrancy of your mouth. This corrective service can work wonders when evening out the tone of your lips and can serve as an excellent method for restoring symmetry. The entire process can take 1-2 hours, but the results are well worth the wait!

What Kind of Treatment Results Can I Expect?

You may notice a dramatic improvement in the color and shape of your lips after your initial session. These results can last anywhere between 1.5-2 years. However, scheduling touch-up visits every 4-8 weeks is necessary to maintain these results and prevent fading. Some mild side effects such as swelling can be experienced right after a session, but these typically subside within hours.

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